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When it rains, look for Rainbows

Activity Blog Week Three This week’s first activity is a unique, fun session led by Mini First Aid North Lincolnshire. Head over to their Facebook Page on Thursday 23rd April at 11am for their Free Live First Aid session. This session is about what to do if you find somebody unconscious. We are excited to hear about how our pupils got on with this session, it sounds like it’s going to be a really fun learning experience. Search ‘Mini First Aid Lincolnshire North’ on Facebook Cooking Activity for this week is…… drum roll please……. Brownies! We hope you enjoy making them as much as you do eating them. Don’t forget to email your pictures to us, we love to see your projects and creations.

If you’re struggling to keep the calm, have you tried Cosmic Kids Yoga Guided Relaxation ‘Peace Out’. We recently listened, and it is super relaxing, calming and helps to settle down ready for sleep. ‘Moon and Stars’ is a lovely bedtime relaxation addition to your bedtime routine. Check it out here.This particular Guided Relaxation is designed to inspire imagination, aid sleep, calm the thoughts and mind, which is of course so important during these unusual times. Our last activity for this week, is a drawing tutorial from Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. Have you thought about something you had always wanted to draw, but just didn’t know where to start? Visit their channel here to make a start on your next drawing project. We love the new Postal Worker Video, (although remember they are American, so their uniform colours aren’t the same as here in the UK!) We’ll be showing our local ‘postie’ some appreciation why don’t you have a go too!

You can also check out their Nurse/Doctor Drawing Tutorial and challenge yourself to create a thank you card or poster for the NHS!

Positive Vibes Take a look at these beautiful rainbows created by some of the pupils on our enrichment programme.

“Rainbows, The universal symbol Of hope and promise They are the prize For weathering the storm”

“When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars” Well done, we love your creations, and hope you enjoyed making them! Remember to check out our Homepage for guidance and links for help. We are all in this together. Stay Home. Stay Safe.


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