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Helping your child find their way in life, at their own pace

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About Our Nurture School

We are Best Futures specialist school

Best Futures is a family-owned nurture school nestled in the peaceful village of Aylesby, Lincolnshire, and has been successful in nurturing many children back into mainstream education since 2014.


We provide bespoke, personalised education plans which combines academic learning with social skills and the development of greater self-awareness with reflective strategies.


By promoting positive learning, we engage children in health and leisure activities guided by a dedicated team that provides intensive, specialist support, and equips the children with skills and motivation for life.

Jumping in Puddles

What Makes Our School Different? 

Well, everything really! But more specifically...

Our school is located in the peaceful countryside of Aylesby, a small village in North East Lincolnshire, which means all our school is surrounded by nature and a calming environment.

Unlike many mainstream schools or other specialist schools, all our pupils receive personalised education and development plans tailored to their needs. 

We are a small school with a caring and experienced team which gives us the

ability to provide intensive specialist support for each and every pupil individually.

We have built close partnerships with local organisations and charities, meaning we can provide our pupils with more unique learning opportunities

Our school has a heavy focus on helping our pupils develop strong independence, confidence, and skills for life to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

We utilise a positive ‘Team Around the Family’ approach by nurturing relationships with parents, carers, schools, recognising the importance of transitions in a child’s life.

Dawn Best

Co-Founder, Best Futures School

Briefly introduce yourself and share something interesting with website visitors. Double click to edit the text. Interesting stuff about Dawn etc. 

Briefly introduce yourself and share something interesting with website visitors. Double click to edit the text.

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Rose Best. CIC Director.jpg

Rose Best

Co-Founder, Best Futures School

Her focus areas are marketing, managing the school policies and procedures, projects such as fundraising, grants, training and supporting the school in daily operations and special events. 

Rose is a member of the Community Interest Company Board of Members that oversees the school, challenging leaders to strive for school improvement and ensure best practices.  

100% positive reviews from Parent Engagement Day 2023

Almost 10 years experience, Est. September 2014

92% whole school attendance, September - December 2023

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Step 1

Take a look at our school prospectus

Have a read through our school prospectus to find out more about if our school might be the right setting for your child. 

Step 2

Speak to your school SENCo

Contact your school's SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator) and call an early review of your child's EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). Parents can request the Best Futures school to be named in their EHCP review.

Child Playing Piano
Painting Class

Step 3

Time to contact us

After speaking with the school SENCo, if you'd like to visit us to have a look around the school, please contact us on 01472 278978 or

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