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Pupil Progress

Green Farm

Measuring Progress

Best Futures specialist school

Progress is measured from each pupil’s starting point and takes account of their individual needs.


We recognise that progress can be affected by a range of things such as attendance and engagement but we try to ensure that every pupil makes consistent progress across at least the core subjects.

How We Measure Progress 

Our System 

We use the Cornerstones Curriculum which has a broad and balanced menu of learning, sequenced and interconnected to support children's learning over time. The curriculum is underpinned by a robust knowledge and skills framework that builds on the national curriculum programmes of study and breaks down all subjects into sequenced chunks of skills and knowledge. 

Assessment progression

We use a school assessment system that is mapped to National Curriculum standards and Programmes of Study allowing us to assess, monitor and track core and foundation subjects. We also track EHCP outcomes, SEMH development and phonics. 

Assessment Terms

Each term staff update pupils' personal support plans with their current level of working, including EHCP and SEMH progression. Phonics is assessed half termly. 



We report home to parents and carers regarding their child's progress every academic year with a written summary. However, we keep parents and carers updated regularly with home messaging and termly progress review days. 


Marking and feedback are to be used to encourage and celebrate learners’ achievements and progress. It will be used to underpin clear and accurate feedback to learners, and parents and form a record of progress for teachers. 

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