Statutory Information

All policies, including the health and safety policy, the first aid policy and procedures are available on request and can be obtained from the School Principal. For information regarding the provision of education and welfare for pupils with English as an additional language and the academic performance of the school please contact the Office Manager on 01472 278978  

Admissions Policy

Updated: September 2019 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Updated: September 2021 

Attendance Policy

Updated: September 2019 

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 

Updated: October 2020

Complaints Policy and Form 

Updated: October 2020 

5 formal complaints received, all unfounded. For more information contact School Office

Curriculum Policy 

Updated: September 2020

Data Protection Policy

Updated: October 2020

Exclusions Policy

Updated: September 2019 

Nurture Policy 

Updated: October 2020

Positive Management of Behaviour Policy

Updated: May 2020 

Covid 19 Updates 


Annex 1 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 

Amended Visitors Policy 

To  request to view more school policies make contact with the school office on 01472 278978. 

Monitoring Visit 

Jamuary 2020

Ofsted Report 

May 2019

Ofsted Report 

February 2019

Ofsted Report 

October 2017 

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