Esafety Newsletter

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Family Activity Sheet - Gaming

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Snapchat Picture

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Esafety Neswletter 1

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Guide to the Social Networks your children use

O2 and NSPCC working together to bring you 'Net Aware' 

Keeping Children Safe Online 

Guidance and Advice from the NSPCC

Safeguarding Leaflet for Parents

Best Futures School

A parent's guide to being SHARE AWARE

O2 and NSPCC helping you to keep your child safe online

Safer North East Lincolnshire

Safeguarding children, adults and the community

MINECRAFT - A Guide For Parents

O2 and NSPCC working together to bring you 'Net Aware' 

Snapchat - A Guide For Parents 

O2 and NSPCC Top Tips for staying safe 

YouTube - A Guide For Parents

How to set YouTube Parental Controls and talk to your child about staying safe 

Fortnite - All You Need To Know

How to set Parental Controls

Roblox - A parent's guide 

Parents guide to Roblox and how your kids can play it safely

School Blog 
'Roblox' Parents Guide

Click here to see the Children's Society Advice for Criminal Exploitation: A Guide for Parents

Teacher Training Days September 2020 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th September.
Return to school Monday 7th September 2020. 


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