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CIC Board

Our School is funded by Best Futures Community Interest Company, our entire organisation is Non-Profit. 

We are governed by our CIC Board of Members which meet regularly to; assess school performance, challenge leaders and ensure the independent school standards are met. 

Prior to our CIC Board, Best Futures School was governed by the Governing Body, which was dissolved on Wednesday 9th October 2019. 

CIC Board Members

Dawn Best 

Steve Davies 

Jenny Kinnaird 

Rose Best 

Allan Best 

Kittie Ford 

David Spilman 

Principal Caroline Seagroatt attends the meetings. 

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If you wish to contact the CIC Board, please do so via the Chair of Board Members Dawn Best. 

Telephone: 01472 278978


Post: Best Futures School, The Stables, Manor Farm, Aylesby, DN37 7AW 

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