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When it rains... BE the rainbow

Embrace your own uniqueness, what makes you, you! We are all colours of the rainbow, learning to dance in the rain

Activity Blog Week Nine

Soon, the rain will pass, and the clouds will clear. To keep you busy inside, check out this week’s activities below:

Our first activity is a messy one, baking! Follow the recipe from BBC Good Food to make Abbey Clancy’s Rainbow Cupcakes. They look awesome, hope you enjoy making and sharing them too.

How have you been feeling lately? The next activity is all about emotions and thoughts. It’s called ‘Mood Tracker’ where you use colour coding to colour in a picture, or an object and at the end of the month (or however long you’d like to track for) you can see a visual display of how you’ve been feeling. Use this as a reflective exercise to help change your habits. Do you feel happy, sad, angry, anxious, stressed, worried, calm, excited, overwhelmed, or bored? If you notice that you’re mood tracker display is showing your emotion for the day was ‘bored’ do something about it! Use the time to learn a new hobby, you could learn to illustrate, write a diary, write some poetry, or even a short story. There are so many different ideas/layouts of mood trackers and you can of course create your own, but to get you started, here’s some printable ones from The Artisan Life, we love the pineapple one!

The next activity is one to get you moving around the house. It’s a game, ‘Rainbow Treasure Search’ (do you like it, we just made it up!). Using the colours of the rainbow, make a treasure hunt searching for items that are the different colours of the rainbow. Like this one we did at home:

You could make it more exciting by taking it in turns and racing against a timer, the winner gets a treat!

The next activity is a drawing tutorial from Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. Remember to always as a parent of carer before accessing the internet, talk about what you want to search for, and work together to make your projects amazing!! Art for Kids Hub have uploaded some awesome new drawing tutorials, from ‘How to draw a T-Rex’, ‘How to draw Insects, Bugs and Crawlers’ and our favourite ‘Ice Cream Folding Surprise’. Take a look at our attempt at a Ice Cream tower, it made us think of all different ice cream flavours, like lime, orange even bubble-gum! Check them out using the link below, find an idea that you’d like to have a go at and inspires you to get creative.

The tutorials are easy to follow, and the best part is you can pause while you catch up or add more detail!

We hope you have fun having a go at some of these activities, remember, to always ask a parent or carer before going on the internet, and be Internet Wise. Check out for more information on being safe on the internet.

Remember to check out our blog for more ideas, previous Activity Blogs, and safety guidance.

Stay Safe, Take Care!


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