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We are all in the same storm, just in different boats

Activity Blog Week Eight

'Rainy Day activities'

It looks like we are due a few days of rain, fear not, we’ve got some fun activities to keep you busy. This week’s theme is the Ocean.

We have 5 activities this week.

1. The first activity is from Cosmic Kids Yoga, they’ve uploaded a new ‘Oceans and Courage’ video, check it out here:

Included in the video is a ‘Peace Out’ section, which is a relaxing guided meditation, paying special attention to breathing and being still.

2. Watch ‘Blue Planet’ Nature documentary, available on BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and for a fee on YouTube or Google Play. Even if you have seen this before, it is still so amazing to watch, there may have been details or facts that you might have forgotten, or never knew! What an incredible world we live in, learn about some of the iconic landscapes and creatures are odd, strange and extraordinary.

3. Keeping in line with our Ocean theme, it’s time to get creative, think about an ocean environment or animal that interests you. This could be a coral reef, beach, river, deep sea, or even an underwater shipwreck. Next think about an art form you’d like to try, or an art form you already know you enjoy, this could be a drawing, painting, collage, or model. There’s also this lovely Rainbow Fish idea from Artsy Craftsy Mom Which represents the different species of fish that are yet to be discovered and identified.

You can also check out Pinterest for ideas on Ocean Art Projects, we found so many cool ideas on there! Check out this How to Draw a Shark Tutorial by Kathy Barbro

4. Ocean Show and Tell. Pick your favourite marine animal, it may be a clown fish, a sting ray, a jelly fish, a dolphin, a humpback whale or even a deep sea creature. Find out some facts about your chosen creature, and write them down, you may want to add a picture or even print out a photograph from the internet. Always ask an adult before going on the internet and talk about what websites your using. Bring along your facts and picture to a ‘show and tell’ gathering all the family together, you could even make your own ‘Family Encyclopaedia Scrap Book’ and bring together all you’ve learnt in one place.

5. Ocean Family Quiz. Hands up if you love doing a quiz! Here’s 10 questions to get you started, you can of course make your own quiz, or go online to find a suitable quiz for your family. The winner gets to write the quiz for next week!

Or check out our quiz below…

Question 1: What colour are clown fish? (Clue: Nemo fish)

Question 2: How many legs does an octopus have? Question 3: Which of these whales is the largest; Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, or Narwhal?

Question 4: The oceans cover what percentage of the earth’s surface? (a) 20% (b) 70% (c) 100 %

Question 5: What kind of animal is a dolphin? (a) Fish (b) Insect (c) Mammal

Question 6: What is so unique about seahorses? (a) The female can survive out of the water. (b) The male gives birth instead of the female. (c) Both male and female can dive.

Question 7: All whales breathe through blow holes, but where are the blow holes located? (a) On top of their heads. (b) On their tail. (c) On their belly.

Question 8: In which direction does a crab walk? (bonus point for who can do the best impression!)

Question 9: Which one of these is real; (a) Seahorse (b) Sea-donkey (c) Sea-hamster

Question 10: What kind of boat can go underwater?

Scroll down for correct Answers, no cheating!

Answer 1: Orange, White and Black.

Answer 2: 8.

Answer 3: Blue Whale.

Answer 4: (b) 70% Answer 5: (c) Mammal

Answer 6: (b) The male gives birth instead of the female.

Answer 7: (a) On top of their heads.

Answer 8: Sideways!

Answer 9: (a) Seahorse.

Answer 10: A Submarine.

We hope you have fun having a go at some of these activities, remember, to always ask a parent or carer before going on the internet, and be Internet Wise. Check out for more information about being safe on the internet.

Remember to check out our blog for more ideas, previous Activity Blogs, and safety guidance.

Stay Safe, Take Care!


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