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The Great Outdoors

We are enjoying some lovely weather at the moment, and with the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to gather some ideas for spending time out in nature.

Remember our top tips for spending time in the Great Outdoors:

  1. Remember your sun protection; hats, sun cream and stay cool in the shade when you can.

  2. Water; drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  3. No pressure; plans change, some things don't turn out how you expected and that's ok. The best moments happen when you least expect it, enjoy the unexpected little moments, they may become your favourite memories.

  4. If lockdowns and pandemics have taught us anything, it should be to make the most of what we have. Playing in the garden, watching the storm from the window, listening out for the ice cream van. Enjoying time doing simple things with people you care about.

  5. Enjoy it. This is no dress rehearsal, this is it, Enjoy it!

Summer Holiday Ideas that are cheap/free/not ‘too’ messy!

Duck feeding advice – follow Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue advice on what to feed ducks, click on the pictures to view a larger image


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