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Thank you Great Grimsby 3D Printing for NHS and Key Workers

From one Non-profit Organisation to another… Thank You!

Nik Brunt started 3D printing face shields at home in his loft, keen to do whatever he could to help the incredible hard work of those in the front line and far too often hearing of how there wasn’t enough adequate safety equipment available for those in such high-risk job roles. Nik’s Face Shield design has been verified by a virus testing lab through the Health Tree Foundation.

Nik’s Face Shields have already been donated to GP’s, care homes, nursing staff, and many other front line workers.

If you’d like to help, you can Donate here to Nik’s Face Shield donation page:

To Request face shields:

What a fantastic local effort, we are so happy to share his story.

Stay Safe, Stay Home. We will all be together again soon.


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