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Kickstarters Fun

Best Futures pupils have been enjoying their football sessions with Kickstarters. Football coach, Lewis Smith leads the group in fun football activities, based on stories. Recently the group have been enjoying listening to the Gruffalo.

"Gruffalo crumble!" the Gruffalo said, and quick as the wind he turned and fled.

Lewis explained to the pupils how to dribble the football using their feet to run away from the Gruffalo, and how to make it back to the safe zone. Best Futures pupils engaged with the session, thoroughly enjoying getting active, running as fast as they can, and accuracy challenges of keeping the ball close to their feet, making small touches of the ball.

The Gruffalo is a popular story which the pupils are familiar with, and it was such a joy to see them having fun whilst learning new skills. It was also fantastic to see the children working together and having a different opportunity outside of the classroom to sustain friendships and build their teamwork skills.

Positive observations were made in regard to meaningful, constructive and supportive communication and interaction not only between the pupils, but also between the pupils and coach Lewis.

We can’t wait for our next football session!

For more information about Kickstarters, please see their website by using this link:


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