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Exotic animals of the world

Best Futures School pupils enjoyed a fantastic visit from Exotic Animals of the World Encounters.

The pupils showed incredible bravery and composure while learning about, gently touching and even holding some exotic animals. The first visit of its kind in our school, it was truly enjoyed by all.

The animals that visited us were a Royal Python "Cleo", Bearded Dragon "Craig", Mexican Red Knee Tarantula "Shelly", Skunk "Murphy" and a Black and white Tegu called "Mr Bags".

All of the animals had very different textures, some were smooth, some soft, some fluffy, some had spikes. Pupils asked questions about the animals and learned about their ages, origins, names, what they like to eat, different types and some amazing facts.

It was amazing to see the bravery and composure of all our school pupils, all of which were incredibly well behaved. They also encouraged each other to be still, calm and brave to hold the different animals.

“I’m scared but I will try” said one pupil.

“Spiders are my biggest fear” … and a few minutes later the pupil was holding a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula standing still and calm.

“Snakes are reptiles”

“I can’t believe I just did that!” said one pupil after holding the Tegu on their lap.

“The skunk is my favourite”

“The snake and bearded dragon are my favourites and even the skunk”

“My favourite was the spider”

What an amazing experience, Thank you to Exotic Animals of the World Encounters for your visit.

Take a look at their Facebook page to find out more about Exotic Animals of the World Encounters here :


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