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Thank you Creative Start Arts!

Creative Start Arts is a non-profit CIC, that inspires and engages local people in arts and creative community projects. The inspirational organisation provide a supportive environment for people suffering with addiction and deliver a recovery programme for members. Engaging people in creative projects such as emotive murals, history based art pieces, and exhibitions and more, this organisation are doing truly amazing work.

We are so lucky and grateful to receive a kind donation of art supplies for the pupils in our school. As an SEMH school, we believe in the power of creativity, not only for its healing qualities, but also as a calming and focusing practice to nurture and energise.

We are very happy to share some art pieces that the pupils have enjoyed making and displaying here at school as part of our Thank you NHS Display. Our pupils manage a range of difficulties and some struggle with table-based projects, also more recently with transitioning from home to school routines. So these fresh art supplies and ideas have been fantastic in settling the pupils on a different project and helping them keep their calm, focus and positive energy.

We are so proud of the artwork the pupils have made, the bright colours show their amazing, fun, resilient personalities and their determination with their hand coordination and control.

Whilst colouring and making art, our SEMH focused team can assist the pupils in recognising their emotions, communicating their thoughts and ideas, and breaking down the barriers to learning in a supportive and safe environment.

For more information about Creative Start Arts, you can visit their website here: and they also have a Facebook page.

Thanks again, to Sam Delaney and his team from all the staff and pupils here at Best Futures.


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