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Making the most of Lockdown

Welcome to our Weekly Activities Blog!

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we’ll be providing a hub of information, ideas, inspiration and projects to keep your family entertained and engaged in learning at home. Each week we’ll list our favourite recipes, art projects, exercises and learning resources. This is not compulsory, none of this is going to be ‘marked’ or ‘graded’ this is purely fun activities to inspire children to continue with their learning and encourage positive communication between all members of the family. This is our first week, and the theme is Easter Activities. One of our Top Favourite Activities is YouTube Drawing Tutorials! The best YouTube Channel for drawing tutorials is definitely Art for Kids Hub. This YouTube channel shows you how to draw almost anything, from ice creams, popcorn, unicorns, guinea pigs, volcanos, emoji’s and even baby Yoda! They are a family of 6, all with different drawing abilities. The step by step tutorials are easy to follow and the best part is you can press pause and play whenever you’re ready! Here’s our two Favourite Easter Drawing Activities: Easter Bunny folding Surprise and Bunny Face Emoji!

We can’t wait to see your creations, take a photo, send them to us at and we may even be able to feature them on our website!

Our next favourite is a garden activity from RSPB as part of their Wild Challenge Help Nature activities. Minibeast Hotel.

We have created some of these at school, in our garden, as a place for all of our little bug friends to live and let us learn from them. Using materials like bricks, wood, cardboard tubes, old plant pots, bark, twigs, moss, grass, pine cones and other things you might find in your garden shed, or around the garden, you can create your own Minibeast Hotel. You can also think of different describing words to talk about the texture of the materials you’re using. Don’t forget to make a ‘Minibeast Hotel’ Sign! We look at the shape and colour of the bugs, learn about different insects and draw them. We also count how many different types of bugs we can see. A nice activity to go along side this, is from Twinkl, Mini Beast Hunt Sheet checklist has a bunch of insects and small animals that might inhabit a mini beast hotel. Twinkl is a learning resource website, they have given a Free Code to use, simply include PARENTSTWINKLHELPS when you register.

This week’s cooking activity is Pizza, here’s the recipe.

Pizzas are awesome to cook, they are quick, simple, you can add your favourite toppings and they are great to share. Don’t forget to send us a photo before you tuck in!

Our last section of this week’s Activity Blog, is a feedback section, where we’ll be adding in your comments and experiences during lockdown. This week we are featuring a pupil from Best Futures School. I have been listening to ‘Quarantine Song’ by Jake Quickenden. “If we all just stick together it’ll be alright’ We have been doing lots of cooking and baking. I have made bread, cake and curry.

I need to stay inside and be safe. I need to stay inside with my family to keep them safe. Family time is happy times. Rainbow shows kindness and keeping people safe.

What a lovely rainbow, and brilliant cooking effort too! Well Done!

We hope we've inspired you to get creative, keep positive and make the most of lockdown.

Our homepage displays more ideas and links to homeschooling websites, links to helpful information, the latest government advice and safety tips on how to protect yourself and your family.

Stay safe, Stay home


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