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I can, I will, I have.

Activity Blog Week Eleven

This week we are focusing on ‘Resilience’, but what does that mean to you?

How do you respond when things happen? How is your mindset? How does that affect how you think and behave? Resilience is linked to all of these things. Building up a positive mindset doesn’t ‘just happen’ it takes practice and patience, with yourself. Do you think professional football players just wake up and feel amazing, even when they just lost a game or even got relegated? Not likely! They have to work hard, train and keep a positive mind set!!! This week’s first activity is focused on turning your ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘*deep breath* I can do this, and I will do this!’

Using the link below, check out the latest activities from Premier League’s Primary Stars They have a bunch of videos, football content and ideas to motivate you and keep positive. Watch the short film, and talk with your family about how to keep positive and change your mindset to positive and determined. Who knows, if you work hard and keep positive, who knows what you will achieve? What a positive thought that is.

The next activity is from Premier League Primary Stars, they are sharing football challenges each week, check them out here: , our favourite HAS to be the goal celebration challenge, have a go and have fun!!!

This week's last activity idea is a Family Exercise Challenge, with the sun shining, it’s the perfect time to get outside and go for a walk, or get in the garden. Challenge your whole family to go outside at least once a day, and plan what sport activity you’d like to do together. You could create an obstacle course and include skips, kicking a football, bouncing a ball, or even ‘speed washing line hanging’ racing a family member to peg 5 items on the washing line! Think creative! You could set up a course in your garden and play ‘the floor is lava!’. To do this you’ll need things to step across and make a path to a ‘safe zone’ in the garden. Using items from your household like cushions, or a mat, you have to jump across without touching the floor. You can time each other, or play ‘musical floor is lava’ like musical statues, you get the idea! (Take a look at our version we made at home this week, the little play house is the safe zone!)

We hope you have fun having a go at some of these activities, remember, to always ask a parent or carer before going on the internet, and be Internet Wise. Check out for more information on being safe on the internet.

Remember to check out our blog for more ideas, previous Activity Blogs, and safety guidance.

Stay Safe, Have Fun!


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