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A visit from Martin Vickers

When Best Futures was founded in August 2014 Martin was one of the first to visit us to see how the Community Interest Company was intending to help the community. Martin was very supportive of our cause and provided Best Futures with a letter of support and an offer of ongoing support if required at any time.

In 2022 we are in recovery from the COVID pandemic and restrictions have been lifted, we were able to proudly invite Martin Vickers back to visit us and see how far we have come.

Firstly, during our tour with Martin Vickers around the School, Martin commented on how he remembered the first time he visited us of how relaxing and homely the setting was, and still is.

We reflected upon our remarkable journey of how Best Futures started as an Alternative Education provision and evolved into a Specialist Social and Emotional and Mental Health Independent School for up to 12 pupils aged 5 to 11 years.

Our peaceful setting is embedded in our curriculum, which is key for the pupils SEMH needs. Nurture and mindfulness is so important for our pupils wellbeing, development and progress. We explained to Martin how vital the calm, quiet, countryside environment is for the continued learning of our pupils.

Best Futures Principal, Caroline Seagroatt, shared the development of the new reading scheme, Read Write Inc and the progress achieved in the first term which has been astounding, all pupils have benefitted greatly from this new programme and made significant progress.

In conversation with Martin, we shared our ideas and plans for the future, and one of our main goals is to establish an outdoor sensory garden which is a unique opportunity and was initiated by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the Spilman's family donating access to a small piece of land on their farm. Which is surrounded by nature, to embrace the tranquillity of the local wildlife, enhancing the sensory offer we currently provide for Best Futures pupils.

Martin Vickers stated he continues to be in support of Best Futures and is very impressed that we have developed into a Non-profit school working with the Local Authority and local area for the needs of the community. Martin added it is a credit to Dawn Best and the whole team who have made Best Futures what it is today.


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