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Healthy Eating Week

This week, pupils at Best Futures have been participating in all sorts of healthy activities to promote healthier lifestyles. We have been following these 5 steps in order to become healthier:

  1. Have a healthy breakfast every day. The children have created their own fruity granola for breakfast club, incorporating fresh fruit, yoghurt and glasses of water.

  2. Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. We’ve had ‘Strange Fruit’ tastings where unusual fruits were tried and tested, some voted favourites were lychees, passion fruit, grape fruit, pomegranate, persimmon and physalis.

  3. Drink 6-8 Glasses of water a day. We’ve has a fantastic time making ‘Mocktails’ and smoothies. The staff very much enjoyed the cherry flavour mocktail with blueberries and a fancy umbrella! Every day we have been participating in drinking more fluids and raising awareness of keeping hydrated for learning.

  4. 60 minutes of exercise everyday – despite typical British weather this week, we’ve still managed to squeeze in our exercise activities including kite flying, walking dogs, healthy eating inspired sport games with Grimsby Town Sports Education Trust and countryside walks.

  5. Try Something New! The group has enjoyed making kites, walking goats, visiting a farm and learning about sensory activities to help the body feel ‘just right’ by practicing calming techniques and exercises. We’ve been inspired by the book ‘The kids guide to staying AWESOME and in control’ by Lauren Brukner.

What an awesome week! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend and remembers to stay healthy! Thanks so much for reading!

Keep Smiling,

Rose :)


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