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Organisations Testimonials

S.K. Pollard, Head Teacher 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

I have been involved with Best Futures since it first opened its doors in 2015. This is an amazing facility set in beautiful grounds, just the sort of place to nurture and help restore some of our troubled youngsters.

Unfortunately, the present education system is not suited to all children and actually has the opposite effect, instead of allowing children to develop and grow it sets them up to fail. Which is why we need Best Futures, somewhere which provides these special children with a nurturing caring, less pressurised environment.

A pupil from St. Joseph’s has attended Best Futures for the last year during that time , we have worked closely together to provide a specialised programme to address the very specific needs of this young pupil.

Franklin College have worked closely with Best Futures to nurture two apprentices at the business, one business administration and the other supporting teaching and learning.  The specialist nurture provision at Best Futures has been a tremendous learning platform for these apprentices and the Franklin sixth form students on voluntary placements there.  Here’s to a continued, successful partnership.

Andy Doran, Adult Learning Team Manager, Franklin College 

Here at Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire we would like to pass on the positive feedback we have received from your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). They said that your provision supports children who have behavioural issues in a very person-centred way and treat every child on their merits as an individual. They said that Best Futures School provides excellent support to those young people who are struggling. 

​We hope this continues and that parents have support within their community who supports their children who may often display as challenging.​

Tracy Slattery, Delivery Manager, Healthwatch

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