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Wonderful World Book Week

‘The day we met an author’

“I can’t believe we have a book writer in our school!”

This year we celebrated our love of reading with a visit from local author, Joanne Howson. After introducing themselves in turn, the pupils listened intently to Jo’s first story book she has self-published.

‘Florence and Bill, Another Hill’

A story of two best friends, Florence the floppy eared rabbit, and her best friend Bill the Westie, going on an adventure, finding their courage and their way back home.

Reading aloud to small groups of pupils, Jo brought the book to life, by explaining about the process and how all of the pictures and inspiration comes from the local area and her well-loved rabbit, Florence.

The pupils were excited to talk about the book with Jo, taking turns to ask questions and gaining a ‘behind the scenes’ insight at what it takes to write and publish a book.

“My favourite part was when they came back to the hill” said one pupil, “I loved Bill the best” said another.

Jo then gifted each pupil a copy of her book, which was met with very happy smiles and thanks. “Wow, that’s amazing, thank you Jo” said one pupil on receipt of her book and she hugged the book tightly. “When I go on a picnic, I'm going to read this story” What a lovely idea. Watch this space.

The burning question of the day? “Please can you write another book and read it to us!”

Thank you once again Jo, your generosity is heart-warming, and your visit has inspired the Best Futures school pupils to write a story about their own adventures. Let’s see if any of the pupils would like to share their story with us here on the Best Futures Blog.


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