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The best classroom has clouds

The wonderful staff at Tesco Grimsby have been raising funds through raffles and donation buckets, for our lovely little school.

We are over the moon to announce that Tesco have raised a whopping £569.00!!

We couldn’t be happier; the staff are so caring and thoughtful. We really appreciate the kindness effort it has taken to raise such an amazing amount!

As a Community Interest Company, all of our funds go straight into the school and into projects for the pupils and our local community.

With this money, we have been very busy over half term and transformed our garden into a multi-functional play area. Our new play area includes a slide and swing set, which is an exciting addition to our garden. Notably the most important sensory tool is our new Netted Swing which will provide a safe, calm and fun space for the pupils to relax and enjoy. Lying on their back, looking up at the clouds, breathing in the fresh country air, the children will be given a new opportunity to self-regulate and restore their calm. Also, our Pirate Ship has been given a new lease of life, setting sail in our new play area.

We've also added a new play net, which is great for ball games, developing hand-eye co-ordination and fine & gross motor skills. We can also incorporate this into our team games and group communication and development activities.

We couldn’t have hoped for better and are so happy with this lovely new use of space. It would not have been possible without Tesco Staff for their generous donation, and kindness from Wickes Grimsby, Smyths Toy Store Grimsby, and our Best Futures Family, for all their digging, building and muddy work!

Welcoming the children back from half term with their first play in the new play area, the garden is filled with smiles, laughter and positive engagement between pupils of mixed abilities, development stages, and communication strategies. For one child it was their first time on a swing and they absolutely loved it.

Deputy Headteacher Hayley Butts adds, ‘Our new play area is fantastic, our pupils are positively interacting with each other, in the safety of our outdoor space, they have all really enjoyed their first playtime in their new play area. One pupil was so positively impacted, that they managed to self-regulate on the swing, which is exactly what we hoped for’.

Many Thanks again to all involved

Best Futures Team


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