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Thank you Synthomer

A special thank you to Eric Norman from Synthomer, Stallingborough.

After our usual supplier had run out of stock, we've been very kindly gifted some personal protective gloves from Synthomer Chemical Plant on the Humber Bank. We are so thankful!

These items will play a significant role in protective measures against the risk of Coronavirus being transmitted.

Particularly with the current situation, we've been regularly deep cleaning the school, all vehicles and classrooms. On top of our routine daily checks of the school to provide a clean and safe work space for our dedicated teams, we've been continuing to send out resources, helpful information and fun activities to pupils, parents and carers.

We keep a sufficient inventory of cleaning items, to ensure we aren't stock piling resources and potentially restricting the purchase from other organisations and people. If you have some extra cleaning supplies, have you considered donating them to a local charity, or even the hospital?

Keep positive, keep calm, for after the storm passes, the rainbow appears


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