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Scarecrow sneak peek

Here’s a sneak peek at our progress with our Scarecrow for the Grimsby Garden Centre Scarecrow Festival. Our pupils have been very busy working together in small groups to create different sections of the scarecrow.

Pupils have been discussing their ideas and utilised their teamwork skills to brainstorm, problem solve and compromise. Also, working as a team on a tactile project that is visually rewarding, the pupils and staff can physically see their achievements and how it all fits together, like the pieces of a puzzle. We believe this is a lovely representation of our school, we all have different roles and working on different tasks, but as a whole, we are a team and we work together to make all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together to make that whole school environment.

Treetops class have been working on the strawberry shorts, what a fabulous fabric choice!

Willow class have designed and made a ukulele for our scarecrow to play!

Oak pupils have made a fantastic face for the scarecrow, it is very impressive!

Thank you to our fantastic handyman Eric for his help and continued service to the school.

Thank you to our fabulous team who are busy working behind the scenes to make sure the Scarecrow is stable, secure and stays standing!

Check back to see the official reveal of the Best Futures School Scarecrow


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