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Positive News Round-up

Amidst these unusual times, we’d like to bring some positive news of what’s been happening at our school recently.

Sport Relief

Teachers and pupils took part in a Bikeathon challenge and biked a combined total of 23km! What a fantastic achievement!! That’s equivalent to biking from Best Futures school to Cleethorpes beach… and back!

Pupils came to school in their sport kit on Friday 13th March to help raise money and many pupils and staff bought their very own Sport Relief wrist bands.

Staff also took park in the 'What's in your locker?' challenge, raising even more money.

During lessons throughout the week, pupils were encouraged to be active and even participated in a long walk.

Together, we raised a combined total of £81.55 for Sport Relief. And we are so proud of our small school’s contribution! Thank you to our newest member of the team Sophie, for organising!

Swimming Awards

Pupils from Willow and Oak Classrooms celebrated their achievements at Swimming. All pupils have engaged brilliantly in their swimming sessions, following instructions and following safety guidelines. They’ve also learnt new skills such as Blowing bubbles, tread water, swimming 5 meters and even 25 meters Backstroke. We are very happy with the progress the groups have made. We look forward to going back to swimming in the future!

Swing Time

All pupils have been thoroughly enjoying our new outdoor play equipment. The sound of laughter and joy echoes through the whole garden and overflows into the carpark and surrounding area. We are determined to keep positive and calm during this unsettling time. We are firm believers in ‘fresh air is good for the soul’ and we are so glad our garden is a safe haven for the children to play outside while at school.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe, paying attention to the government guidelines that are in place to keep us all safe and healthy. Refer to our homepage for more details on home schooling inspiration, free resources, links to latest news and advice and of course our contact information.


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