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Kindness costs nothing but means everything

Activity Blog Week Seven

This week we are keeping in line with the theme of kindness.

Our first activity is a video from Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. “What is Mindfulness?”

This is our base for today's Kindness activities, because to be kind to others, it usually helps to be kind to yourself and be happy within your own mind. This isn’t some fancy breathing activity, or complicated Yoga class balancing on your head, it’s a simple and calming video to watch or listen to. Calming ourselves down, preparing to concentrate, boosting our confidence and self-awareness. That’s what this activity is all about. Enjoy!

Remember to be safe online!

Our next activity is a kindness inspired activity.

Think about somebody who has helped you… They may have made your lunch, may have read a story to you, they may have even helped you with school work, or visited you (socially distanced of course!).

Think about how that help made you feel, did it make you feel happy? Did they make you laugh? Did they make you smile?

Now it’s time to send that person some love back. Letting others know they are appreciated makes them feel happy and loved. And by making others feel good, you do too! You can make a card, or a picture, something to show them that you think about them and they are loved. (check out Art for Kids on YouTube for some awesome drawing tutorials!

A nice idea would be to make some coupons. Yes, coupons! You can include on your coupons any jobs that you can help with, and when they are done, you do something fun together. Use your imagination, you could; butter some toast, wash up pots or load the dishwasher, put away toys, hoover, wash the car, help put the washing out on the washing line, sort out the recycling… I could go on…

Our third and final activity for this week is to video call a family member and watch a film at the same time as them. You can pretend you are at the cinema together. Gather your favourite blanket, get cosy and have a laugh together whilst watching your favourite film! Being in ‘isolation’ doesn’t mean we can’t connect with each other.

Our top family favourites are:

Madagascar, Toy Story, Secret Life of Pets and (an oldie but a goodie) Shrek!

Simple acts of kindness make someone’s day so much brighter. Be a source of light in your family and community, not just for others, but for yourself too!

Remember to check out our blog for more ideas, previous Activity Blogs, and safety guidance.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Always be kind!


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