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Grimsby Garden Centre continues their kindness

Grimsby Garden Centre has once again supported Best Futures School by donating beautiful flowers and compost for our spring flowerpots and hanging baskets. We love incorporating colourful flowers into our courtyard garden and entrance to the school. The spring colours are really springing into life! This is one way we like to welcome our pupils into school in the mornings, with welcoming staff and some bright and pretty flowers attracting the bees and butterflies too.  

The friendly staff at Grimsby Garden Centre have been friends of Best Futures School for a few years now, and we are always so grateful for their kindness and support. Best Futures School enjoyed being part of the School Scarecrow Competition last year, we’d love to be a part of community events like this in the future too!  

As we prepare for our new sensory garden, we can’t wait to see how it’s going to develop. With the kindness and support from our local community and local businesses like Grimsby Garden Centre, we can’t wait to see how things start to grow this summer. 


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