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Chocolate workshops

Best Futures School pupils were thrilled with their amazing chocolate creations from The Chocolat Story. Not your average chocolatier, the wonderfully creative Trace inspired the school pupils to make their very own chocolate ‘Big Ben’ clock tower. Linking to our school curriculum topic Bright Lights, Big City, the pupils used different materials to explore and create pattern, design their own chocolate mould, and finally, assemble their Big Ben clock – completely from chocolate!  

Trace also explained the process of making the chocolate, in an engaging and interesting way, using colourful props for the coca beans and different parts of the plant processing.  

Working on their individual projects, the pupils developed independence in their own artistry and design, while also working on their communication skills, sharing and turn taking. For example, when painting their chocolate with edible paint, the pupils practiced their turn taking skills and sharing the pots of shimmering colours. Trace takes care to ensure every pupil enjoys their time at The Chocolat Story, and they sure do, the whole team is smiling when they step out of the door, and it isn’t because of the chocolate. It is like stepping into another world, where imaginations are celebrated and creativity can flourish.  

We eagerly await our next project with Trace at The Chocolat Story, and wonder what we'll be creating next time.  



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