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A BIG thank you to Oak Electrical!

We cannot thank Oak Electrical enough!

We recently contacted the company for a quote, as we were in need of updating our lighting throughout the building. As a non-profit organisation we were hoping we might be able to secure a small discount, as every penny we spend is taken into consideration about how we can improve the learning environment for the children in our school. Oak Electrical did much more than that! The generous team at Oak Electrical donated the whole lot! 54 LED panels later, we have had them fitted and the school has an even brighter outlook!

Our brand-new lighting not only reduces our carbon footprint, but will also have long term financial savings, which is very important for our school to be as sustainable as possible.

This is much more than switching a few light bulbs and means so much to us and our small school. Oak Electrical have made an ongoing significant difference to the children and teachers in our school, improving children’s participation, concentration and cognitive performance and an overall better learning environment for both children and teachers.

The kind gesture from Oak Electrical will serve our school for years to come and we greatly appreciate their kindness!


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