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Enrichment Best Future’s style - a post by our Senior Student Editor.

This blog post has been written by Best Future's very own Senior Student Editor.

As a part of weekly enrichment at Best Futures we have been doing swimming lessons at Grimsby Leisure Centre, the children take swimming lessons with a qualified swimming instructor. They learn swimming skills, the children learn about pool safety and how to stay safe when it comes with swimming. Children at Best Futures learn swimming at their own pace and at their own level, the children learn in a learner pool so they are able to swim in a small open space with the help of an instructor. We asked some pupils at Best Futures questions about enrichment, one of the questions we asked was “Why do you like swimming”? One person said they like swimming on their back, another person said they like going under water and retrieving things from under water. We asked the children “What is the best thing about Best Futures”, one child said Best Futures is a small place but fun, another child said their favourite lesson is English because they learn phonics. Other enrichment we have done at Best Futures includes ice skating, horse riding, nature walks and visiting Grimsby Town football stadium, and much more. When we went to look around Grimsby football stadium we had a look in all the changing rooms, the first aid room where footballers go if they're injured and the spectator viewing stands (it was very high). We also went on the pitch and had a look around, we also went in the press room where they interview people on television. All the children (and staff) held the Grimsby Town cup that GTFC won. When we went horse riding we learnt how to gallop and how to signal the horse to go and stop. We also learnt how to clean out the stables and how to clean and brush the horses. There were different types of horses, the children's favourite horse was a pony called Lala, she was a Shetland pony.

When the children went ice skating they were taught how to stand and skate on ice, some found it harder than others but we managed to get the hang of it (there were many falls on the ice but we laughed it off).

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