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Welcome to the start of a new adventure

A warm Best Futures welcome to the 2021/2022 School year, we are thinking positive, ready to learn and develop our skills in our own special way.

We have had a few changes during the summer holidays, we just can’t wait to share with you.

First things first, let's introduce our new Principal, Caroline Seagroatt, welcome to the Best Futures team!

Caroline Seagroatt Best Futures Principal

Caroline has worked in education and the public sector in excess of 25 years, gaining a wealth of experience in Specialist Education and is devoted to improving children’s opportunities for learning, engaging with their peers and enjoying their time at school. Caroline believes that Communication is key, encouraging the pupils to be confident communicators to reach their full potential.

Caroline has met most of the pupils last term and is already a classroom regular, enjoying the interaction with pupils and joining along with each pupil’s journey as we start the new academic year.

In time, we will arrange for all parents and carers to meet with Caroline in person, however for now, we will continue with offering online meetings, please feel welcome to contact Caroline on the contact points below. 01472 278978 (School Office)

Our September updates:

We have some newcomers to our school, we hope you feel welcome and please do let us know if you have any concerns/worries and we will work together to find a solution. At Best Futures the child is at the centre of everything we do, and so we all work together as a team to ensure the pupils needs come first.

We have a few projects we are working on behind the scenes, which we will be able to share with you soon. Our Enrichment sessions will be starting to pick up again, and we can’t wait to share positive enriching experiences with all of our pupils outside of the classroom.

We are in the process of training for a new Phonics programme, which will transform our current method of teaching and learning in the area of reading. We can’t wait to share the journey with you and give the pupils increased opportunities for learning, progress and achievement.

A word from Dawn, Founder of Best Futures:

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Summer Holidays, enjoying some sunshine and relaxing time together with your families. It’s now time to get back in the classroom, and we’ve been busy creating new and exciting learning spaces for the pupils to enjoy and feel inspired by.

I am delighted to introduce Caroline Seagroatt, our new School Principal, to the Best Futures Family. I am excited to be part of this new chapter for Best Futures, as we grow as a Specialist School and continue to offer quality education for all pupils. I will still be part of the journey of Best Futures School, I am still determined, as always, to encourage and support the success of the school and every pupil and staff member here. I am delighted to hand over the steering of the ship to Caroline and support her in her new and exciting role.

And finally, a word from our lovely new Principal!

I am delighted and proud to be appointed as the new Principal for Best Futures SEMH Specialist School, providing inclusive, nurturing learning experiences with high expectations to support children to be the best they can be.

As I begin my new role, I look forward to forging new relationships with you and the school and local community. From my teaching and leadership experience in both mainstream and specialist provisions, a successful and happy school depends on these collaborative partnerships.

Let’s make this year even greater, working together, trying new experiences, making friends and making the most of our time at school.


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