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Best Futures Visit to Local Art Gallery

Best Futures School pupils and staff recently visited Cleethorpes Library to experience the Junior Open Art Exhibition.

Pupils enjoyed viewing all of the entries and chose their favourite artwork. Pupils made sketches of their chosen favourite, explained the reasons why they liked it and what materials they thought were used.

Pupils then decided to vote for their favourite pieces and took turns posting their votes into the box.

Some of the favourites were Cleethorpes Beach, Egyptian, Eye, Mountains, Black Panther, Snowman, Tiger, Queen Jubilee, Venom and Ballet Shoes.

Using a range of methods such as pastels; paint, crayon, print, crayon, wax crayon and more, there were so many interesting and detailed pieces created, it was clear a lot of time has been spent carefully creating these pieces of art.

Our Best Futures art piece was created collaboratively with all school pupils, using coffee filters coloured with felt tip and sprayed with water, a completely unique process not used by any other artist in this competition. The colours used were representative of the sunset and the different colours flashing across the sky during this special time of day.

There were 130 entries, which we think is an incredible effort from the local young people, what a celebration of local young artists, we are proud to be part of this wonderful exhibition.

The Junior Open Art Exhibition has now closed. Thank you to Lincs Inspire and Cleethorpes Library for hosting and including us in the Exhibition. We hope to be involved with future projects in the local community.


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