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Letter Box

Turn your home into a reading house!

We are inspired by the Letter Box scheme launched at Waltham Lees Primary School and Looked After Children's Education. The launch was held at Humber Royal Hotel in Grimsby.

Keith Nicholson welcomed everyone and introduced Julie Cheffins, SENCO at Waltham Leas Primary. Keith explained that the Letter Box program has been created by Reading Charity Book Trust in partnership with Leicester University. Leicester University has aided the recommendations of books put forward for the packs for Looked After Children and foster families. 6 packs are delivered each year with a personalised letter for each child with books, maths games, stationary and activities.

Remember these fun tips when reading this summer:

Read together, curl up on the sofa or create your own comfortable space.

Dens are great! Quiet corners with snacks and plenty of water.

Bring stories to life! Don't forget to use your voice to express your imagination!

Looking for a summer project? Create your own story sack! Choose your favourite book, collect toys, colouring books, games and anything you like. Bring them all together in a bag or make your own sack from an old pillowcase!

Keep reading and keep smiling!

Rose x


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