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Parent/Carer Testimonials

During a Telephone call with a pupils’ parents recently they stated that their child is so happy, loves getting ready for school and leaves the house smiling. On their return home they are happily chatting away with mum and dad telling them all about his day at school for up to an hour.  

Both parents are feeling happy, this is all they have ever wanted for their child, for them to feel happy and be able to learn. They all love Best Futures School and ethos and feel it is the perfect fit for their child's needs.  

Parent of pupil, September 2022

The joy of reading.


It is difficult sometimes for a child to enjoy reading, not only is it a skill that you learn as you grow and develop, it is a test of patience, determination and focus. We were delighted when a parent recently told our team that their child had returned home from school and started to read without being prompted.


What a fantastic achievement, we are so proud of all of our pupils making positive progress in our first few weeks of the new school year.


‘A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.’

Parent of Pupil, September 2022

One night, my son said to me "Thank you for finding Best Futures for me".

It meant so much as we'd been so worried about his school move and how he'd settle. What we see now is our little boy blossoming, he's doing things he would never try before like baking and he's so proud of himself and we're so proud of his development with the support he's been getting. 

Parent of pupil 

My 9 year old grandson started at Best Futures 18 months ago when he'd struggled to settle into his mainstream junior school. They have provided him with a safe comfortable and happy environment to learn and develop. 

They tailor the school day to fit around his needs meaning that he is engaged with his learning and making progress which we never thought possible. 

He'd struggle to achieve this without the whole Best Futures team's dedication, patience commitment and attentiveness. 

Grandparent of pupil 


Feedback on Family Day May 2019

We have had a lovely morning sharing info and looking at the work my child has been engaged in. The atmosphere has a great 'vibe'. The staff show personal interest in the pupils - like a family atmosphere. Love the outdoor space, the tortoise, other animals; the soft furnishings, the kitchen area, it really seems like a home from home. 

Parent of pupil 

Seeing all of my child's progress from last year to present has been great. With our child leaving in around 6 weeks it has been fab to take our last look at a place where our child started a frightened little terror to a confident smiling boy. Best Futures you have done AMAZING and we are super proud of you ALL. Well Done Dawn on your achievement! We will miss you ALL! 

Parent of pupil 

Really impressed with the school, the staff are really helpful and nice, they are easy to talk to and overall I am happy with my child's progress.  

Parent of pupil 

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