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Successfully eliminate childrens’ barriers to learning, ensuring they have the opportunity for their very own Best Future!  


Develop a bespoke package to produce a learning pathway which addresses that a child’s learning is understood developmentally and that gaps in their social and emotional development can create significant barriers to learning.


The school's aim is, "to offer positive learning experiences within a safe and caring environment that will enable pupils to develop their full potential for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth".

To reach our aim we work to achieve the following:-

  1. To provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for learning and utilising our rural setting through our unique enrichment programme.

  2. To recognise that all behaviour is a form of communication and to develop pupil’s language skills as a vital tool of effective communication.

  3. To provide opportunities of inspiration and engagement within a broad and balanced curriculum so that each child can develop a positive attitude to learning.

  4. To nurture strong partnerships with parents, carers, schools and the wider community, recognising the importance of transitions in a child’s life, thus creating a positive ‘Team around the Family’ approach.

  5. To identify and celebrate success in each and every positive step throughout their development.

  6. To value independence, and equip our pupils with the personal skills to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Developing rounded individuals socially, emotionally, physically and creatively.

Best Futures Community Interest Company 

Alternative Nuturing Education Provision 

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